April Sewing Challenge Day 8. A Psychedelic Spring Frock

For today, Day 8 of my April Sewing Challenge, I was looking for a really quick and easy pattern because to be honest, I’m TIRED!  I knew it wouldn’t be a cake-walk, hence “challenge”, but putting out a new listing every day is seriously tough!  But enough complaining–I was able to whip up this little frock with enough time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with my kiddos.  Gotta like that!


This is a really easy dress to make and wear.  It’s a simple bodice with a gathered skirt.  There are no closures so it’s designed to pop over the head one arm at a time kind of thing.


I jazzed up the bodice with a serged ruffle for a special touch and used a very cheerful and sunny yellow kona cotton.


The skirt is another Amy Butler print from my stash.  I must say, all the ‘Stash Busting’ I’ve been doing lately feels really good!  And every time I say ‘Stash Busting’ I’m instantly reminded of the fab 80s song “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush.  I can’t stop singing it–love that song, but I digress…


Having no closures makes for a looser, semi boxy fit.  This being a Size 5 made it a touch too big for Miss P (who’s 4 1/2) to model, so no action shots today unfortunately.

Well, only one more item to go before the weekend!  Stay tuned to see what I come up with tomorrow…

xo, Heather



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