April Sewing Challenge Day 11– Baby Outfit Part One of Two

Hello there!  Thanks for joining me for today’s instalment of my April Sewing Challenge.  I’ve hit the half way point of listing one new item per weekday in my Etsy Shop.  It’s a good feeling!

I’ve come to realize that I’m a pretty pokey sewer–and I’m easily distracted.  That said, I’ve decided to make today’s post a two-parter to take some of the pressure off.  For Part One, let me introduce you to the cutest little baby pinafore I’ve ever seen!


It’s a new pattern for me, another swell purchase from Tie Dye Diva:  The Open Back Baby Dress.  For this one, I sewed up a Size 12-18 months which is such a precious age for babies as they are usually learning to walk around this time.


I went with my usual Kona cotton for the outer dress and my go-to polkadot poly cotton fabric for the lining.  As in yesterday’s post, I wanted to jazz up the front with a bit of applique action.  I went for a simple ric rac (rick rack? rickrack?–you be the judge) rainbow.  And who doesn’t smile when they see a rainbow?!   So easy and so cute!Image

The back, as per the name, is open, closing with a simple yellow heart button.  It’s got a real vintage vibe, and when you see the completed look tomorrow, it will scream vintage adorable-ness.  


I usually find myself sewing for whatever size Miss P is wearing, but now that we’ve got #3 on the way, I’ve got a case of sewing for baby fever.  Expect to see more baby stuff in the weeks to come!Image

Make sure you pop by tomorrow to see Part 2 of this look.  I’m off to try to finish Miss P’s Easter Party Outfit for Preschool tomorrow.

Have a great day!

xo, Heather 


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