April Sewing Challenge Day 13–Something for My Little Easter Bunny and a Coupon Code

So today is Day 13 of my April Sewing Challenge.  Technically I’m supposed to put what I make for sale in the Shop, but today I’m not.  This little number belongs to Miss P–it’s her Easter Dress, complete with bunnies and other woodland creatures.


Once again, it’s a Tie Dye Diva Pattern–I’m on a serious roll here!  It’s the Perfect Party Dress, and the name does not disappoint!


This is a classic, timeless dress for a little girl:  sleeveless bodice, buttons up the back, a sash, and a skirt made for twirling.  I love it and so does my Little Missy!  


I love the buttons–makes for a really clean and tidy look.  The pattern doesn’t have the contrast band on the bottom.  I added it for an extra pop of colour.  There are a lot of options with this dress including a ruffle bottom and a ruffled bib for the bodice.


The fabric is a most beautiful cotton poplin(?) from Japan.  I’ve been hoarding it (of course) for several years because I luuurrve it so! Image

You know it’s a hit when she wants to boogie down during the photo shoot 🙂Image

And there it is for today–perhaps for the week…  I’m not sure if I’ll take the Holiday or see if I can whip something up tomorrow, we’ll see.  If I don’t happen to pop in tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

xo, Heather

P.S.  I’ve got a Coupon Code on my Facebook Page right now but for a limited time only.  Check it out here 🙂




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