April Sewing Challenge Day 16. A Seaside Sailor Stripe Sally Dress

Today’s project is another from the UFO (unfinished objects) pile.  I had begun to wonder what had become of all my pins–and now I know where they all have been hiding.  I have way too many cut out and partially pinned patterns than I care to admit 😉

Anyhoo, this is the Sally Dress by Very Shannon.  I’ve made it several times, in lots of different fabrics, with and without sleeves and pockets.  It’s a pleasure and a breeze to sew and there are no buttons or other closures to fiddle with which is always nice.Image

The bodice is lined and the shoulder straps have a neat, pointed diamond shape.Image

The skirt is really full, and the pockets are perfect for kids like Miss P who are constantly finding and packing around treasures.Image

The pockets are built into the side seams which is neat and great for durability.


I have another one of these cut out in a different size, with a slightly different bottom.  Hopefully I can get that one completed soon but we’ll see… At least I have a few more pins to work with!

Till tomorrow!

xo, Heather 


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