April Sewing Challenge Day 20. Deja Vu Tuxedo Dresses

If you’re thinking these little babies look familiar, you’d be correct!  I made very similar ones for Day 3 of the April Sewing Challenge here on the blog.  Today’s entries won’t be listed in the shop, however, as they are already spoken for!  Image

This is another version of my very popular tuxedo shift dress.  I used Amy Butler fabric from her ‘Love’ collection.  It’s a deep Indigo with the most lovely flowers in vibrant hues.  The dress pattern is from Seamingly Smitten on Etsy.  Image

This is another great pattern for customizing and adding your own special touches.  In this case I added the ruffle placket and buttons, but it could work alone to showcase a special print, with pockets as I’ve done on the reverse, an applique perhaps–really, there are endless options for this dress!


This is another fabric I’ve been hoarding, waiting for just the right occasion to cut into it.  I know I probably shouldn’t be so sentimental about fabric but I can’t help it!   


I think I’ve mentioned my love of the reversible garment–it’s just so darn practical, economically and messy kid-ally speaking.  The Easter dress I made for Miss P didn’t make it past the photo shoot before it was all stained up, so it’s fantastic to be able to simply flip it inside out to reveal a whole new and CLEAN dress!Image

The polkadot fabric on the reverse side, from the same Amy Butler collection, creates a new, yet fully coordinating look.Image

And there it is for today!  Only two more days left in April and the challenge–time surely flies!  I’m cooking up something itty bitty for tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂

xo, Heather



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