April Sewing Challenge Day 21. A Ruffled Bubble Romper for Baby

Hello and welcome to Day 21 of my April Sewing Challenge!  I was really hoping to have two of these babies to show you but as usual, the day got away from me and I was only able to squeak out one.  

This is the ruffled baby romper by Tie Dye Diva (my go-to pattern designer lately).  It’s just the sweetest little vintage inspired pattern you have ever seen.  And just in time for summer!    Image

A knotted, halter style neck and layers of ruffles on a on a bubbly bum–so precious!Image

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a pokey sewer, so having a serger to do the rolled hem here on the ruffles REALLY cuts down on precious time!


Elastic in the back and around the leg casings give this romper its bubbled bottom.  I really wish I had a little model for today, because just hanging here really doesn’t do this any justice.


This is the view from the front.  I used a vintage inspired floral fabric featuring tiny pink roses, and actual vintage fabric for the lining and ruffles, in a delicious watermelon pink.  


This pattern may seem a bit daunting to a beginner, but it’s actually quite simple to sew.  The only sticky part is ironing/pressing the leg casings around the curve, but if you go slowly and use lots of steam, you’re in good shape.  There’s a high degree of gratification (for me anyway) upon completion of this pattern.  It’s a winner every time!Image

That’s it for today, my second last day of the Challenge.  Hard to believe it’s coming to an end, though I’m pretty exhausted!  For my last challenge entry tomorrow, I’ll be debuting my first wedding dress!  Ha ha… not quite!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Heather


April Sewing Challenge Day 20. Deja Vu Tuxedo Dresses

If you’re thinking these little babies look familiar, you’d be correct!  I made very similar ones for Day 3 of the April Sewing Challenge here on the blog.  Today’s entries won’t be listed in the shop, however, as they are already spoken for!  Image

This is another version of my very popular tuxedo shift dress.  I used Amy Butler fabric from her ‘Love’ collection.  It’s a deep Indigo with the most lovely flowers in vibrant hues.  The dress pattern is from Seamingly Smitten on Etsy.  Image

This is another great pattern for customizing and adding your own special touches.  In this case I added the ruffle placket and buttons, but it could work alone to showcase a special print, with pockets as I’ve done on the reverse, an applique perhaps–really, there are endless options for this dress!


This is another fabric I’ve been hoarding, waiting for just the right occasion to cut into it.  I know I probably shouldn’t be so sentimental about fabric but I can’t help it!   


I think I’ve mentioned my love of the reversible garment–it’s just so darn practical, economically and messy kid-ally speaking.  The Easter dress I made for Miss P didn’t make it past the photo shoot before it was all stained up, so it’s fantastic to be able to simply flip it inside out to reveal a whole new and CLEAN dress!Image

The polkadot fabric on the reverse side, from the same Amy Butler collection, creates a new, yet fully coordinating look.Image

And there it is for today!  Only two more days left in April and the challenge–time surely flies!  I’m cooking up something itty bitty for tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂

xo, Heather


April Sewing Challenge Day 19. A Woodland Picnic Pinafore Dress

Hi again! Today is Day 19 of my April Sewing Challenge of listing one new item per weekday in my Etsy Shop—and it’s FRIDAY!  What a loooong week!

Today was another busy day of running around so once again, I needed a pattern that was super quick and easy to sew.  This one, by Whimsy Couture, is probably the easiest and quickest dress pattern in my arsenal!  


If you’re new to sewing, I highly recommend it.  It’s a simple shape, there are no closures, and it’s a great pattern for practicing your topstitching.  It’s also a great canvas for applique, or to showcase a really cute print.  In this case I think I achieved both of those goals 🙂


I love this little fawn.  As in previous days this week, I felt I needed some applique-action to jazz up an otherwise perhaps boring(?) dress.


Needling no closures, the shoulder ties allow a pop or glimpse of the fabric on the reverse side which is really cute.


This print is one of my favourites.  I love navy blue for one–it’s by far, my favourite colour, and what’s not to like about little tiny daisies, strawberries, and cherries?!


I love me a reversible dress!  Kids grow so quickly, and clothes can get really expensive.  With this dress, it’s two looks in one which really makes good ‘cents’!  Another great thing about this dress is that as your little one grows, it can later be worn as a tunic over tights or jeans!  Gotta love it!

Thanks for stickin’ with me this week!  I’ll be back on Monday for the final stretch of the challenge.  

Hope you have a great weekend!

xo, Heather


April Sewing Challenge Day 18. Appliqued Party Time Wrap Dress

Hello and welcome to Day 18 of my April Sewing Challenge!  I’ve pledged to list one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month and I’m getting close to the end!

Today’s entry is yet another one from my UFO (unfinished object) pile which is a great feeling getting them completed and hopefully out the door!  I have big plans of redoing my sewing room, so the less stuff I’ve got to move around, the BETTER!

This little number is a reversible wrap dress from Wink Handmade.  Sweet, easy to sew and reversible!  Gotta love a reversible dress!


I used a super soft, fine wale Robert Kaufman Corduroy in a beautiful shade of Robin Egg blue, with a Michael Miller cotton cupcake motif on the other.  This is a size 12 months, and it just screams FIrst Birthday to me.  Image

I thought it needed a little something-something on the corduroy side to jazz it up, so I appliqued some balloons with mini ric rac strings.


Every girl needs a good wrap dress, and this is two dresses in one!  The cupcakes are so cute and cheerful.  On the bright blue, they really pop 🙂


Satin ribbons on the inside and outer chest act as closures–no pesky buttons or zippers to sew, which is always a bonus for me!Image

I think I’ll keep with the UFO theme for tomorrow–why not, I’m on a roll!  

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow!

xo, Heather



April Sewing Challenge Day 17. Freshly Squeezed Baprons

Welcome to Day 17 of my April Sewing Challenge.  I’ve set a goal to list one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month, and today I’ve got two items!

Say ‘Hello’ to the Bapron!  I was really short on time today so I needed a quick and easy sew.Image

This is a sweet little pattern for babies designed by Jessica at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  Jessica’s blog is one of the first sewing blogs I started following, and it’s still amongst my favourites!  

The “Bapron” is a cross between a bib and an apron, and is worn like a smock, easily staying in place over baby’s shoulders with ties in the back.


I love this retro, oranges print.  It’s super bright and funky, and perfect for meal time!  I used terrycloth for the back which is nice and thick and absorbent.


In addition to feeding time, the bapron can be great for teething babies, or droolers in general, as well as a smock for arts and crafts.   The pattern comes in two sizes:  6-18 months, and 24 months-3T.Image

I was out and about all day so I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a little bit of sewing time, and get these bad boys listed in the shop!  Thanks for popping by–see you tomorrow for Day 18! 

xo, Heather


April Sewing Challenge Day 16. A Seaside Sailor Stripe Sally Dress

Today’s project is another from the UFO (unfinished objects) pile.  I had begun to wonder what had become of all my pins–and now I know where they all have been hiding.  I have way too many cut out and partially pinned patterns than I care to admit 😉

Anyhoo, this is the Sally Dress by Very Shannon.  I’ve made it several times, in lots of different fabrics, with and without sleeves and pockets.  It’s a pleasure and a breeze to sew and there are no buttons or other closures to fiddle with which is always nice.Image

The bodice is lined and the shoulder straps have a neat, pointed diamond shape.Image

The skirt is really full, and the pockets are perfect for kids like Miss P who are constantly finding and packing around treasures.Image

The pockets are built into the side seams which is neat and great for durability.


I have another one of these cut out in a different size, with a slightly different bottom.  Hopefully I can get that one completed soon but we’ll see… At least I have a few more pins to work with!

Till tomorrow!

xo, Heather 

April Sewing Challenge Day 15. A Funky Floral Hanami Dress

Hello there!  Welcome to a brand new week in my April Sewing Challenge of listing one new item in my Etsy Shop every weekday this month.  Today is Day 15 and I’ve got a brand new pattern to show you!

This is the Hanami Dress by Straight Grain Patterns.  I purchased it as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 which donates a share of its profits to charities, while supporting and promoting independent pattern designers.  Everyone wins, including me because I’ve found a great pattern here!


This sweet dress features tulip flutter sleeves, a bodice that crosses in the back, and a full, gathered skirt made for twirling.  There are several variations with this pattern which is always nice.  They include the cross back or invisible zipper, a few sleeve options, and a peter pan collar option.


I may have attached the sleeves backwards, but they still work in my opinion 🙂  The back is a unique element, with a 4 button closure.

ImageMiss P wasn’t in much of a modelling mood but she got the job done nonetheless.  The weather today was positively lovely and playing outside was priority #1Image

I just love the print on this fabric!  It’s a super funky, abstract floral print that I bought for a song at Fabricland.  I’m glad I purchased several metres of it because I will surely use it!

‘Hanami’ is the Japanese word for observing flowers, the famous cherry blossoms in particular.  There are no shortage of blossoms to observe here!


A Ha–a smile!  This was about the only one I was able to capture today 🙂


Such a sweet pattern!  The wheels are turning already for my next ‘Hanami’!


Thanks for stopping by today!  I have NO idea what I’ll be making tomorrow so stay tuned…

xo, Heather