April Sewing Challenge Day 13–Something for My Little Easter Bunny and a Coupon Code

So today is Day 13 of my April Sewing Challenge.  Technically I’m supposed to put what I make for sale in the Shop, but today I’m not.  This little number belongs to Miss P–it’s her Easter Dress, complete with bunnies and other woodland creatures.


Once again, it’s a Tie Dye Diva Pattern–I’m on a serious roll here!  It’s the Perfect Party Dress, and the name does not disappoint!


This is a classic, timeless dress for a little girl:  sleeveless bodice, buttons up the back, a sash, and a skirt made for twirling.  I love it and so does my Little Missy!  


I love the buttons–makes for a really clean and tidy look.  The pattern doesn’t have the contrast band on the bottom.  I added it for an extra pop of colour.  There are a lot of options with this dress including a ruffle bottom and a ruffled bib for the bodice.


The fabric is a most beautiful cotton poplin(?) from Japan.  I’ve been hoarding it (of course) for several years because I luuurrve it so! Image

You know it’s a hit when she wants to boogie down during the photo shoot 🙂Image

And there it is for today–perhaps for the week…  I’m not sure if I’ll take the Holiday or see if I can whip something up tomorrow, we’ll see.  If I don’t happen to pop in tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

xo, Heather

P.S.  I’ve got a Coupon Code on my Facebook Page right now but for a limited time only.  Check it out here 🙂




Giveaway Time!!

In celebration of hitting the 100 sales mark in my Etsy Shop, I’m having a giveaway on my Facebook Page.  One lucky winner will receive a $40 credit to my shop, so go on over and put your name in the hat!  It’ll run until Friday, and I’ll announce the winner next weekend!

And don’t forget, I plan to post a new listing in the shop for every week day in April so stay tuned for that 🙂

Good Luck and have a great week!

xo, Heather

2 out of 2 Ultrasound Techs Agree…



It’s a GIRL!  And she’s waving hello 🙂

I must admit, I’m pretty excited to be having another girl–I really like to make dresses, what can I say!?  In honour of our little girl to be, as well as reaching 100 sales in my shop, I’m thinking of having a giveaway on my Facebook Page.  Haven’t done one yet… What do you think, a store credit, a mystery creation for your little one…?  Lemme know, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Also, I have a goal of posting one new item in the shop EVERY week day in April!  The shop’s been looking rather bare of late, and it’s time to change that.  (I’m hoping that having this post out there will help me keep on track).  Again, let me know what you think–what do you want to see for Spring/Summer?

Stay tuned…

xo, Heather