April Sewing Challenge Day 5. Something for the Boy!

I know, I know, I don’t make enough boy things–I’ve heard that (mostly from myself) time and again.  I like to sew dresses more, I admit it.  Something I do make semi regularly for boys, however, are bow ties.  They are so cute, and thanks to the Hipster crowd, they are just so hot right now!

I have set a goal for myself to list one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday in April.  So far so good!  Here’s my contribution for Day 5:  A pair of bow ties in Size Newborn/6 Months, so technically two new items–bonus stars for me!


If you are following me, you might soon discover that I am obsessed with all things Nautical, specifically navy blue and white (and red), as well as nautical flags and especially, stripes.  So here we are with my two favourite colours, navy blue and white.  I also love a good polkadot, so it’s the best of both worlds.  And just perfect for the little Hipster or Prepster in your life!


I used a terrific pattern from Jocole.  I have tons of Jocole patterns, in kids and ladies styles–I love them!  So easy to follow and the patterns print beautifully using a grid for easy matching.  Jocole patterns always come in a shwack of sizes as well, to cover all body types and sizes which is also great!

For this pattern, I usually make  the strap that attaches with velcro, but decided to try out the elastic option this time.  No fiddling, it just pops over baby’s head and he’s good to go!  Easy peasy 🙂



They are so cute and tiny, measuring only 3 inches across by 1.6 inches tall.



So that’ll do it for Day 5 of the Challenge.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a little plaid action…  Did you know that yesterday was National Tartan Day?  Neither did I!

Till tomorrow, have a great day!

xo, Heather