I’m Back!

Hello there!  I’m excited to be back on the blog, which means I’ve started sewing again!!


This little munchkin has kept me rather busy these last eight months which has left little time for sewing.  We’ve got a pretty reliable nap schedule happening now which leaves me more time to get creative!!

IMG_9111 IMG_9268


I’ve done some pattern testing.  Above is The Holly Dress by Audrey & Tiffany which features pintucks, a button placket and a half(?) circle skirt.  It was turned out great and was a very satisfying sew!

IMG_9306 IMG_9057

I’ve done a few custom orders including the two above.

IMG_9367 IMG_9361 IMG_9354

I have also partnered with a local #retailtruck here in Calgary.  The Crafted Artisan Truck hits the street of #yyc this month and I’m so excited to be on board!!


And I just finished this little beauty for Miss P yesterday!  I will probably blog about it later but I wanted to share.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!  🙂 H


April Sewing Challenge Day 18. Appliqued Party Time Wrap Dress

Hello and welcome to Day 18 of my April Sewing Challenge!  I’ve pledged to list one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month and I’m getting close to the end!

Today’s entry is yet another one from my UFO (unfinished object) pile which is a great feeling getting them completed and hopefully out the door!  I have big plans of redoing my sewing room, so the less stuff I’ve got to move around, the BETTER!

This little number is a reversible wrap dress from Wink Handmade.  Sweet, easy to sew and reversible!  Gotta love a reversible dress!


I used a super soft, fine wale Robert Kaufman Corduroy in a beautiful shade of Robin Egg blue, with a Michael Miller cotton cupcake motif on the other.  This is a size 12 months, and it just screams FIrst Birthday to me.  Image

I thought it needed a little something-something on the corduroy side to jazz it up, so I appliqued some balloons with mini ric rac strings.


Every girl needs a good wrap dress, and this is two dresses in one!  The cupcakes are so cute and cheerful.  On the bright blue, they really pop 🙂


Satin ribbons on the inside and outer chest act as closures–no pesky buttons or zippers to sew, which is always a bonus for me!Image

I think I’ll keep with the UFO theme for tomorrow–why not, I’m on a roll!  

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow!

xo, Heather



April Sewing Challenge Day 14–A Summery Dress on A Winter(?!!) Day

Just so I’m clear, it’s April 18th today, right?  This is getting ridiculous! Image

Ok, mini rant over… It’s time for a little cheerfulness!Image

I waffled a bit as to whether I was going to sew today or not, but as you can see by the weather around here, we weren’t going to be spending much time outside.  Thankfully we did get out for some fresh air before the blizzard hit–we’ve all got some serious cabin fever!  


Anyway, I decided to blow off the layer of dust from my UFO pile–UFO being ‘unfinished objects’ and finish something I started, then forgot about.  I’m embarrassed to tell you how long this little number has been sitting, unfinished, but it’s been a while 😉  

This is the Vintage Annie Dress by Ruby Jean’s Closet on Etsy.  It’s a cute little vintage inspired sun dress and it’s super sweet and cheerful.


The bodice placket features a really neat design element where the lining flips over to the front, creating the bib.  Some elastic in the front also creates a gathered or ruching effect.


The shape is a simple A line silhouette that does up with ties at the shoulder.  Simple to sew, and really easy and comfortable to wear.

Well, that’ll do it for me for the week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Heather 


April Sewing Challenge Day 12–Rainbows and Ruffles Outfit for Baby Part 2 of 2

Hello!  If you missed yesterday’s post, I introduced Part 1 of this outfit, the Open Back Baby Dress.  Today, I completed the bottoms, the Ruffled Diaper Cover, also by Tie Dye Diva.  And here they are, together in their cheerful glory!Image


The Ruffled Diaper Cover pattern is another great one, though I haven’t made as many as I would have liked.  With another little girl on the way, I hope to remedy that situation! For my taste it doesn’t get much cuter for babies than this vintage-y silhouette.  Chubby legs and arms and a bubble butt = heart melting.Image


The pattern comes together relatively quickly.  I’m stoked I have a serger–it makes finishing the ruffles a breeze.  The leg openings/casings are a bit fiddly but I had no major issues getting them to cooperate today. Image


As in the top, I used blue Kona cotton and a cotton/poly blend for the rainbow ruffles.Image


Hope you like them!  You just might be seeing a few more of these in the shop in the next few months…


Heather 🙂

April Sewing Challenge Day 8. A Psychedelic Spring Frock

For today, Day 8 of my April Sewing Challenge, I was looking for a really quick and easy pattern because to be honest, I’m TIRED!  I knew it wouldn’t be a cake-walk, hence “challenge”, but putting out a new listing every day is seriously tough!  But enough complaining–I was able to whip up this little frock with enough time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with my kiddos.  Gotta like that!


This is a really easy dress to make and wear.  It’s a simple bodice with a gathered skirt.  There are no closures so it’s designed to pop over the head one arm at a time kind of thing.


I jazzed up the bodice with a serged ruffle for a special touch and used a very cheerful and sunny yellow kona cotton.


The skirt is another Amy Butler print from my stash.  I must say, all the ‘Stash Busting’ I’ve been doing lately feels really good!  And every time I say ‘Stash Busting’ I’m instantly reminded of the fab 80s song “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush.  I can’t stop singing it–love that song, but I digress…


Having no closures makes for a looser, semi boxy fit.  This being a Size 5 made it a touch too big for Miss P (who’s 4 1/2) to model, so no action shots today unfortunately.

Well, only one more item to go before the weekend!  Stay tuned to see what I come up with tomorrow…

xo, Heather


April Sewing Challenge Day 7. A Mod, Vintage Inspired Dress Just in Time for Mad Men!

Here we are, Day 7 of my April Sewing Challenge.  If you’re just joining me, I have set a goal of listing one new item in my Etsy Shop for each weekday in April.  If my math is correct, I’m a third of the way there, but I tell ya, I’m getting worn out–this is tough!!

Today’s creation is a Military Inspired Shift Dress.  I used the same pattern that I did for the Tartan Dress that I posted yesterday, the Norah by Mouse House Creations.  This time I added short sleeves for a different look.


I may have found a new favourite pattern, here!  I luurrve me a vintage silhouette–there’s nothing cuter to me than a little girl in a short, peter pan collared shift dress with tights!  I have a few similar patterns in my arsenal, many of them are actual vintage paper patterns. I really like this one specifically because it has several sleeve options:  short, long, and sleeveless, as well as three collar options.  Vintage patterns also usually come in only one size, and this beauty includes sizes 12 months to 12 years!  I suspect I’ll be making these for Miss P for years to come!


These are gold, nautical buttons that I’ve been hoarding for a while–nice to see them put to use finally!


It was SOOO nice to take pictures outside today!  I feel like Spring might actually be here to stay–finally!

ImageThe fabric I used is another Robert Kaufman.  It’s a cotton/linen blend, and was really nice to work with.  The dress is partially lined with a vintage floral cotton from my stash.

ImageI find that whenever a new season of Mad Men is near, i pump out a lot of sixties inspired creations.  Looking forward to the premiere on Sunday!! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!  Until tomorrow…

xo, Heather

April Sewing Challenge Day 3 and a GIVEAWAY

Okay, it’s getting down to the wire on Day 3 but here it is, my submission for my April Sewing Challenge of listing one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month!  And today I’ve got not one, but two dresses to list–hooray for me!

First up is a gorgeous little tuxedo shift dress that just screams Spring–I’m ignoring the fact that it snowed again last night grrrr…  

Fully reversible, this little baby is a size 3/4T.  I used a pattern by Seamingly Smitten, one I’ve used A LOT!  It’s so versatile and is really simple and easy to customize.  Love it!  The beautiful fabric is an Amy Butler design that I’ve been hoarding for about 2 years.





So easy to wear, it just pops over the head with no need for closures of any kind.  I love not having to sew button holes and insert zippers whenever possible!


This is what the reverse looks like–a coordinating polkadot fabric with a cute little pocket 🙂


Up next is the size 1/2T.  It is exactly the same except for the buttons. 



Okay, Day 3 is officially in the bag!  See you tomorrow!  Oh, but before I go, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Facebook Giveaway.  Check it out!   xo, Heather