April Sewing Challenge Day 17. Freshly Squeezed Baprons

Welcome to Day 17 of my April Sewing Challenge.  I’ve set a goal to list one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month, and today I’ve got two items!

Say ‘Hello’ to the Bapron!  I was really short on time today so I needed a quick and easy sew.Image

This is a sweet little pattern for babies designed by Jessica at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  Jessica’s blog is one of the first sewing blogs I started following, and it’s still amongst my favourites!  

The “Bapron” is a cross between a bib and an apron, and is worn like a smock, easily staying in place over baby’s shoulders with ties in the back.


I love this retro, oranges print.  It’s super bright and funky, and perfect for meal time!  I used terrycloth for the back which is nice and thick and absorbent.


In addition to feeding time, the bapron can be great for teething babies, or droolers in general, as well as a smock for arts and crafts.   The pattern comes in two sizes:  6-18 months, and 24 months-3T.Image

I was out and about all day so I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a little bit of sewing time, and get these bad boys listed in the shop!  Thanks for popping by–see you tomorrow for Day 18! 

xo, Heather



April Sewing Challenge Day 16. A Seaside Sailor Stripe Sally Dress

Today’s project is another from the UFO (unfinished objects) pile.  I had begun to wonder what had become of all my pins–and now I know where they all have been hiding.  I have way too many cut out and partially pinned patterns than I care to admit 😉

Anyhoo, this is the Sally Dress by Very Shannon.  I’ve made it several times, in lots of different fabrics, with and without sleeves and pockets.  It’s a pleasure and a breeze to sew and there are no buttons or other closures to fiddle with which is always nice.Image

The bodice is lined and the shoulder straps have a neat, pointed diamond shape.Image

The skirt is really full, and the pockets are perfect for kids like Miss P who are constantly finding and packing around treasures.Image

The pockets are built into the side seams which is neat and great for durability.


I have another one of these cut out in a different size, with a slightly different bottom.  Hopefully I can get that one completed soon but we’ll see… At least I have a few more pins to work with!

Till tomorrow!

xo, Heather 

April Sewing Challenge Day 14–A Summery Dress on A Winter(?!!) Day

Just so I’m clear, it’s April 18th today, right?  This is getting ridiculous! Image

Ok, mini rant over… It’s time for a little cheerfulness!Image

I waffled a bit as to whether I was going to sew today or not, but as you can see by the weather around here, we weren’t going to be spending much time outside.  Thankfully we did get out for some fresh air before the blizzard hit–we’ve all got some serious cabin fever!  


Anyway, I decided to blow off the layer of dust from my UFO pile–UFO being ‘unfinished objects’ and finish something I started, then forgot about.  I’m embarrassed to tell you how long this little number has been sitting, unfinished, but it’s been a while 😉  

This is the Vintage Annie Dress by Ruby Jean’s Closet on Etsy.  It’s a cute little vintage inspired sun dress and it’s super sweet and cheerful.


The bodice placket features a really neat design element where the lining flips over to the front, creating the bib.  Some elastic in the front also creates a gathered or ruching effect.


The shape is a simple A line silhouette that does up with ties at the shoulder.  Simple to sew, and really easy and comfortable to wear.

Well, that’ll do it for me for the week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Heather 


April Sewing Challenge Day 13–Something for My Little Easter Bunny and a Coupon Code

So today is Day 13 of my April Sewing Challenge.  Technically I’m supposed to put what I make for sale in the Shop, but today I’m not.  This little number belongs to Miss P–it’s her Easter Dress, complete with bunnies and other woodland creatures.


Once again, it’s a Tie Dye Diva Pattern–I’m on a serious roll here!  It’s the Perfect Party Dress, and the name does not disappoint!


This is a classic, timeless dress for a little girl:  sleeveless bodice, buttons up the back, a sash, and a skirt made for twirling.  I love it and so does my Little Missy!  


I love the buttons–makes for a really clean and tidy look.  The pattern doesn’t have the contrast band on the bottom.  I added it for an extra pop of colour.  There are a lot of options with this dress including a ruffle bottom and a ruffled bib for the bodice.


The fabric is a most beautiful cotton poplin(?) from Japan.  I’ve been hoarding it (of course) for several years because I luuurrve it so! Image

You know it’s a hit when she wants to boogie down during the photo shoot 🙂Image

And there it is for today–perhaps for the week…  I’m not sure if I’ll take the Holiday or see if I can whip something up tomorrow, we’ll see.  If I don’t happen to pop in tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

xo, Heather

P.S.  I’ve got a Coupon Code on my Facebook Page right now but for a limited time only.  Check it out here 🙂



April Sewing Challenge Day 12–Rainbows and Ruffles Outfit for Baby Part 2 of 2

Hello!  If you missed yesterday’s post, I introduced Part 1 of this outfit, the Open Back Baby Dress.  Today, I completed the bottoms, the Ruffled Diaper Cover, also by Tie Dye Diva.  And here they are, together in their cheerful glory!Image


The Ruffled Diaper Cover pattern is another great one, though I haven’t made as many as I would have liked.  With another little girl on the way, I hope to remedy that situation! For my taste it doesn’t get much cuter for babies than this vintage-y silhouette.  Chubby legs and arms and a bubble butt = heart melting.Image


The pattern comes together relatively quickly.  I’m stoked I have a serger–it makes finishing the ruffles a breeze.  The leg openings/casings are a bit fiddly but I had no major issues getting them to cooperate today. Image


As in the top, I used blue Kona cotton and a cotton/poly blend for the rainbow ruffles.Image


Hope you like them!  You just might be seeing a few more of these in the shop in the next few months…


Heather 🙂

April Sewing Challenge Day 11– Baby Outfit Part One of Two

Hello there!  Thanks for joining me for today’s instalment of my April Sewing Challenge.  I’ve hit the half way point of listing one new item per weekday in my Etsy Shop.  It’s a good feeling!

I’ve come to realize that I’m a pretty pokey sewer–and I’m easily distracted.  That said, I’ve decided to make today’s post a two-parter to take some of the pressure off.  For Part One, let me introduce you to the cutest little baby pinafore I’ve ever seen!


It’s a new pattern for me, another swell purchase from Tie Dye Diva:  The Open Back Baby Dress.  For this one, I sewed up a Size 12-18 months which is such a precious age for babies as they are usually learning to walk around this time.


I went with my usual Kona cotton for the outer dress and my go-to polkadot poly cotton fabric for the lining.  As in yesterday’s post, I wanted to jazz up the front with a bit of applique action.  I went for a simple ric rac (rick rack? rickrack?–you be the judge) rainbow.  And who doesn’t smile when they see a rainbow?!   So easy and so cute!Image

The back, as per the name, is open, closing with a simple yellow heart button.  It’s got a real vintage vibe, and when you see the completed look tomorrow, it will scream vintage adorable-ness.  


I usually find myself sewing for whatever size Miss P is wearing, but now that we’ve got #3 on the way, I’ve got a case of sewing for baby fever.  Expect to see more baby stuff in the weeks to come!Image

Make sure you pop by tomorrow to see Part 2 of this look.  I’m off to try to finish Miss P’s Easter Party Outfit for Preschool tomorrow.

Have a great day!

xo, Heather 

April Sewing Challenge Day 10

Today is Day 10 of my April Sewing Challenge of listing one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month.  I had hoped to use the weekend to get a jump on the week, but go figure, life happens and I had zero time for sewing.  Today’s listing if I’m being honest, was made several months ago–I just never got around to photographing it.  


The pattern is a simple pinafore/jumper that just screams for a little applique something-something.  I’m in love with the balloon and cloud motif.  It’s so cheerful!


I’d like to do more applique in the future as it’s a wonderful way to use up the scrap fabric I have lying around–and there’s a LOT!Image

The dress outer is Kona Cotton.  I lined it with my go-to rainbow polkadot lining.  Image

For a bit of contrast, I made the back red.  In this case, it was go bright and cheerful, or go home.  I think I succeeded 😉


This is a size 2T.


I’ve got another applique project in the works for tomorrow–ironically, in the very same fabric combinations. 

See you then!

xo, Heather