April Sewing Challenge Day 10

Today is Day 10 of my April Sewing Challenge of listing one new item in my Etsy Shop for every weekday this month.  I had hoped to use the weekend to get a jump on the week, but go figure, life happens and I had zero time for sewing.  Today’s listing if I’m being honest, was made several months ago–I just never got around to photographing it.  


The pattern is a simple pinafore/jumper that just screams for a little applique something-something.  I’m in love with the balloon and cloud motif.  It’s so cheerful!


I’d like to do more applique in the future as it’s a wonderful way to use up the scrap fabric I have lying around–and there’s a LOT!Image

The dress outer is Kona Cotton.  I lined it with my go-to rainbow polkadot lining.  Image

For a bit of contrast, I made the back red.  In this case, it was go bright and cheerful, or go home.  I think I succeeded 😉


This is a size 2T.


I’ve got another applique project in the works for tomorrow–ironically, in the very same fabric combinations. 

See you then!

xo, Heather


5 thoughts on “April Sewing Challenge Day 10

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